• Senior Class
    Senior Class Advisors: Ms. Marshall & Mr. Considine

    Yearbook Picture Format is as follows:

    • Correct name of the student. 
    • Name of the shop student is in. 
    • The picture must be 300 dpi 2.5x3.5 inches or larger color jpeg. 
    • Keep in mind pictures may be reduced, any distracting visual information such as trees, fences, etc will be reduced to fit the Layout thus reducing the size of the students face. 
    • Simple visually clean VERTICAL HEADSHOT works the best.   
    • Email to me:  mazevedo@shawtech.org or the student can bring in on disk, thumb drive, or a hard copy.  
    • You can take the pic yourself. No social media filters.  
    • Deadline is Tuesday, December 4th 2018