• Design and Visual Communications

    Design and Visual Communications touch every aspect of our lives, from the packaging of our products to a complex multi-media advertising campaign. Computer applications centered on page layout, electronic drawing, photo editing and digital media software applications are the cornerstone of this exciting and creative field. Artistic and technical skills are developed through the creation and presentation of graphic multimedia and drawing projects. These real-world projects are completed and delivered to clients both within and outside of the school. A rigorous Related Theory academic program covers employability, management and entrepreneurship skills.

    Program Highlights

    Careers Pathways

    • Traditional & Digital Portfolios
    • Layout & Design
    • Traditional & Computer
      Generated Illustration
    • Computer Graphics
    • Digital Photography/Editing
    • Animation
    • Multi Media
    • Video Production
    • OSHA 10-Hour Safety Credential
    • Adobe Certification
    • Dual-Enrollment Programs
    • AP Portfolio Drawing
    • AP Portfolio 2D Design
    • Art Director
    • Graphic Artist/Designer
    • Illustrator
    • Photographer
    • Advertising Artist
    • Digital Media Artist
    • Animator
    • Product /Package Design
    • Designer
    • Fashion/Interior Designer
    • Freelance Designer
    • Game Designer


    Yearbook 2002

    Click here to view the 2020 Digital Flipbook Yearbook Supplement


    Students within our program are skilled in the latest Adobe computer programs of InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. All students have extensive experience working on the Mac Platform. Students within this program have extensive digital photography experience as well.

    Junior and Senior students are job ready and seeking co-op opportunities. If you have a need to hire one of our students please contact us to schedule an interview at 978-671-3689.  Our students are eager to gain professional experience assisting your company.

    We have partnered with many non-profit businesses in our community to design logos, brochures, flyers, web-sites and marketing materials.

    Clients include:

    • Middlesex 3 Coalition
    • Billerica Community Alliance
    • Merrimack Valley Superintendent’s Association
    • Tewksbury Hospital
    • Burlington Recycling Program