• The "Gary Levin" Bakery

    The Bakery has moved to the Guest Dining Room.

    The bakery offers a full line of bread, cookies, pastries, and cakes. The Bakery is open Wednesday thru Friday 11:30am-1:00 pm.

    Bakery Phone # 978-671-3674

    *Hours and days open are subject to school closing and school schedule.

    The Bake Shop is a classroom for teaching and training of bakery students.  The objectives in a bakeshop situation is to provide a realistic approach to that of a retail and wholesale type bakery and the problems that the student will encounter in the business field of today.  Your role as customer and patron play a vast and important segment in their training and in fact, their future.  Your patience, consideration, and understanding will be most beneficial in building their character and confidence.  Please remember, They are students. All items sold here are student made.


    The baking industry throughout the world takes on gigantic proportions.  Bread is the staff of life and one will hardly find a place in the whole world where bread of one kind or another is not a basic.  The demand for trained personnel is always present.

    Bakeries large and small have one thing in common.  They offer opportunities for young people to earn a decent livable wage. The Baking Department at Shawsheen Valley Technical High School is providing extended and basic training in baking.  Some of our students will go out into the field and become Master Bakers and Artistic Decorators, but this is not our primary function, it is to give a good, sound, ground-level training so that those who do want to pursue the trade may survive in the job market of today.  With continued hard work, lots of study and application, these things will come true.