• Shawsheen Valley Technical High School

    Principal’s Update

    Thursday, March 19, 2020


    Dear Shawsheen students and families,


    It has been great to hear from so many of you over the course of this week. I appreciate hearing your questions and concerns, and encourage you to email those to me anytime. I will be reaching out with Principal's Updates regularly throughout the closure with a goal of keeping everyone as informed and connected as possible.


    On Tuesday, I informed you that we would be reaching out with a list of educational resources for students and parents to utilize during the closure. You can access a document containing educational resources at this link: https://www.shawsheentech.org/Page/660. This document includes information about free wifi access through Xfinity; the edtech@shawtech.org email address you can use to contact us for Aspen, email and Microsoft 365 support; a list of guidance resources; and a list of educational resources.


    You will still receive emails from teachers and guidance counselors by the end of the day Monday, containing additional resources and information for students pertaining to each course/subject/guidance-level. Some of you have heard from members of our staff already. Don't worry if you have not - we are giving everyone until Monday so that departments have adequate time to meet remotely and finalize plans before making contact with students.


    In addition to the links to guidance resources that are included on the attached resource list, our guidance department recognizes that significant mental health concerns may arise for students during this closure. We want to remind all families that if a crisis or emergency occurs, they should call 911. Additionally, we want to make families aware of other resources that exist. Please refer to the Local Crisis Teams document at this link: https://www.shawsheentech.org/Page/661.


    A number of you have reached out with questions about the spring sports season. The MIAA put out an FAQ sheet earlier this week. You can find that document at the following link: http://miaa.net/gen/miaa_generated_bin/documents/basic_module/MIAA_FAQ_Spring2020_Season.pdf. Please note that this is a fluid document and that the MIAA will continue to make updates as any changes occur. Students are reminded that practices are not allowed during this time and that no one is allowed to use the school’s fields for the duration of the closure. This will be strictly enforced.


    In each of my updates I will be sharing my experience using one of the educational resources I've utilized. Today I decided to choose a resource from the 'Social-Emotional Learning and Self-Care Resources for Educators, Schools, and Parents Related to Covid-19' website that is linked on the attached resource document. I read an interesting article on that site titled 'Flexibility in the Midst of Crisis' at the following link: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-inner-life-students/202003/flexibility-in-the-midst-crisis


    My greatest take-away from the article is the importance of remaining flexible as our routines are being forced to change and of focusing on the opportunities this presents us instead of the losses caused by the disruption: "If we were to stay at home for days or weeks, we might find ourselves with time—a commodity we usually don’t have. We can use this time to reach out and discover that many of us have not been spending time on things that are actually critical. For example, we may start engaging with friends with whom we have lost touch, start participating in online neighborhood forums, find time to exercise, pick up a new hobby, organize our living space, or spend more quality time with our partners and kids."


    I'd love to hear from students about the opportunities they see and are taking advantage of during this time.



    Jessica Cook