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Substance Use Awareness Night

  • Shawsheen Valley Technical High School

    Substance Use Awareness Night & Student Presentations - March 13-14, 2023

    Friday, January 20, 2023

    In partnership with the Billerica Substance Abuse Prevention Committee, Shawsheen Valley Technical High School will be hosting a Substance Use Awareness Night for families, staff, and community members, on Monday March 13, 2023, from 5:30pm – 8:00pm. This evening will include various local resources, a parent/guardian presentation from the Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth, Inc. (MPY Inc.), and a presentation from our featured guest speaker, Tony Hoffman. Tony Hoffman will provide student presentations during the school day on March 13 & 14. You can view details below for more information on what the evening will consist of. To help us with our planning efforts, we request that you please register in advance for this FREE event by visiting the following link or using the QR code below: Registration: Substance Use Awareness Night - Shawsheen Tech - Monday, March 13, 2023

    • Note: registration is not required, but we encourage you to register to help us plan accordingly to accommodate all guests.





    March 13 – Substance Use Awareness Night at Shawsheen Tech – 5:30pm-8pm

    • 5:30pm – 8:00pm: Various Resources in the Cafeteria – Drop-in anytime
      • Hope's Room with Gary and Tracy Carter (no students allowed)
      • Billerica Substance Abuse Prevention Committee Resource Table
      • Frontline Initiative Resource Table
      • Shawsheen Tech Resource Table
    • 5:30pm –  6:30pm: “Underage Substance Use”  Presentation with MPY Inc. (Location TBD)
      • Overview: Underage substance use continues to be a major issue in our schools and communities. Street drugs are readily available in many communities and teen drug users may easily obtain over the counter or prescription medications from a variety of sources, including their family's medicine cabinet. Information about the opioid epidemic is included in this workshop.
    • 6:45pm – 7:45pm: Guest Speaker Presentation: Tony Hoffman - From Prison to the Olympics
      • About Tony Hoffman Speaking: Tony Hoffman has been providing mental health and substance abuse related speeches since 2010. He is currently one of the most requested speakers in the United States for mental health organizations and schools. Providing over 150 presentations years Tony is spending most of his years on the road pouring his heart into each presentation in hopes to inspire the audiences he’s grateful to reach.
      • Project Summary: Life is challenging for students and many of our youth bring experiences to school that we know nothing about, secrets they keep to themselves. They show up each day, take seats in classrooms, engage in curriculum and co-curricular activities and yet challenges they may be facing go unheard. As facilitators and influencers, we want to impart to students’ not just reading, writing and arithmetic but life skills and the courage it takes to cope with challenges in ways that empower their futures not hinder them. We strive to improve their mental health and limit substance use amongst them by giving them the tools necessary. One of the most powerful ways to provide these tools is through relatable life experiences that connect with youth.
      • Deliverables:Powerfully engaging life story of going from Prison to the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil as Brooke Crain’s BMX Racing Coach
        • Presentation length 60-75 min including questions and answer
        • Topics discussed include mental health, anxiety, depression, suicide, substance use, addiction, healthy life choices, positive coping strategies, goal setting
        • Substance abuse: How does it start – Early childhood trauma – Belief Systems- Gateway drugs – Alcohol, Vaping, Marijuana, Fentanyl – Mechanics & dangers of addiction
        • Leadership: Goal setting, self-empowering choices, attitude, courage, resilience, giving to others



    March 13 – 14: Student Presentations from Tony Hoffman

    • Monday, March 13
      • Periods 7 & 8 = presentation to Juniors 
    • Tuesday, March 14
      • Periods 1 & 2 = Sophomores 
      • Periods 3 & 4 = Freshmen