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Annual Citizenship Award Ceremonies Honors 109 Students at Shawsheen Tech

hawsheen Valley Technical High School is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of its annual Citizenship Award ceremonies, a distinguished two-night tradition dedicated to honoring exemplary students from each grade in the school community. This year, Shawsheen celebrated 109 exceptional individuals among its 1320-student population, embodying the school’s core values of Respect, Integrity, and Accountability. 


Hosted by the dean’s office, the ceremony stands as a significant event for the school community, applauding students who epitomize the essence of what it means to be a Shawsheen student. The recently embraced core values played a pivotal role in the selection process, with students nominated for exemplifying these principles. One student from each grade in every vocational program, alongside one student from each academic course, was chosen for this esteemed recognition. 


Assistant Principal Kevin Caruso and Dean of Students Christine Tobin led the proceedings, presenting each student with a certificate and commemorative pin. Notably, the event garnered widespread support from teachers and staff, many of whom attended to show their encouragement for the deserving students. The ceremony also featured its annual Ice Cream Sunday bar, skillfully catered by Shawsheen’s culinary students. 


Caruso emphasized the importance of the event for the department, highlighting its role in reinforcing positive behavior. He stated, “It is important to recognize students for this excellent achievement because they work hard in school and are great role models for other students.” 


Principal Jessica Cook echoed the sentiment, underscoring the crucial role of school leadership in cultivating a positive school culture. She said, "It is our responsibility to intentionally create impactful moments in the lives of our students, and these ceremonies are an example of that." 


Shawsheen extends a heartfelt congratulations to the 109 students who earned this prestigious recognition. They are: Destinee Almodovar, Anna Andacic, Emily Aurilio, Rachel Botte, Aidan Boutot, Braeden Brazil, Noah Brooks, Ethan Caceres, Maria Cafaro, Samuel Cahill, Pheobe Cameron, John Canadas, Spencer Capparelli, Malcolm Castiglione, Isaiah Castronova, Geoffrey Cavanaugh, Tara Clark, Timothy Clark, Kara Clayton, Owen Coltran, Erin Cornell, Dante D'Alleva, Carmella Deacy, Siena DeMatteo, Brenden DiMambro, Allison Dinelli, Isabella DiSalvo, Sophia DiTonno, Mariarose Doucette, Trevor Engel, Tyler Fennell, Jake Gagnon, Sara Ganley, Gisele Gannem, Kaytlin Gannon, Elisabeth Gibson, Mia Gorrasi, Alessandra Harris, Angelique Hernandez-Nichols, Lia Holowenczak, Nathan Horne, Jaxon Jacobs, Destinee Jeanty, Sarah Johansen, Lillian Johnson, Pauline Karavakis, Alexander Kaszuba, Cole Kelley, Bryan Keohan, Matthew Kilfoyle, Nishtha Lamsal, Melissa Lavine, Daphne Lazo, Ava LeDoux, Maya Lee, Gabriella Lentini, Lincoln Levesque, Madeline Long, Mykah Lourie, Devin MacDonald, Sydney MacPherson, Aliza Maher, Lucy Malfy, Kyle Marrone, Nora Martin, Harley Martin, Amelia Matzke, Emma McDermott, Sarah McLaughlin, John McLaughlin, Devin Medeiros, Nicholas Melaragni, Valerie Mendoza-Reyna, Trevor Middleton, Julia Morin, Mia Morrison, Jacquelyn Morrissey, Valentina Mosquera, Derek Mulik, Kenneth Murnane III, Seamus Naughton, Mono Newell, Gordon Noble, Ryan Nogueira, Emmanuel Nogueras, Makayla Nolan, Mason O'Rourke, Joseph O'Sullivan, Rayssa Pereira, Colin Peterson, Gianna Rago, Ava Rega, Zackary Rogers, Seth Ruchalski, Luke Saengvanich, Elizabeth Santos, Samuel Sarkissian, Phoebe Sassone, John Schofield, James Shepherd, Brennan Skelly, Gabriella Solari, John Vitor, Ariana Walker, Delaney Ward, Michael Ware, Anna Warford, Hailey Welch, and Destiny Young. 


Shawsheen remains committed to fostering a positive and supportive learning environment, celebrating the accomplishments of its students, while preparing them for success after high school.