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    Principal's Update

    Wednesday, August 24, 2022


    Dear Shawsheen Students, Parents/Guardians, and Colleagues,


    I hope you have had a refreshing and enjoyable summer break. We look forward to kicking off the 2022-2023 school year a week from today when we welcome grade 9 students for Freshman Orientation on Wednesday, August 31. All students will join us on Thursday, September 1, including seniors, for the first full day of school with all students. I'm writing today with a number of updates to ensure everyone has the information they need to transition back smoothly next week. 


    Grade 9 Parent/Legal Guardian Aspen Credentials

    Emails were sent this afternoon to parents/legal guardians of incoming grade 9 students with their credentials to log into the Aspen Family Portal. Grade 9 students will receive their credentials for Aspen as well as paper copies of their schedules during orientation next week. Please note, it could take up to 24 hours for the email to arrive in your inbox, and, depending on your email server, the email might be directed to your junk folder. If you do not receive an email by the end of the day tomorrow, Thursday. August 25, 2022 (and you also do not see the email in your junk folder), please read the instructions below to submit a ticket at the following link: https://shawsheentech.sherpadesk.com/portal/

    • Click on the green 'Submit Ticket' button 
    • Enter email address
    • For Location, select: _Home
    • For Class, select: _PARENT ASPEN LOGIN ISSUES
    • Please provide all contact information 


    Student Schedules in Aspen

    Schedules for the 2022-2023 school year are available to view in Aspen at this time. You can access those schedules by logging into the Aspen Family Portal and then by following the instructions below. 

    If logging in from a parent/legal guardian account:

    • Select the "Family" top tab
    • Select the name of the student whose schedule you wish to view (if you have more than one student at Shawsheen)
    • Select the "Schedule" tab on the left side of the screen
    • At this point the schedule should appear - if it appears as a list of courses and you want to see the schedule organized by class period and week, click the "Matrix View" link

    If logging in from a student account:

    • Select the "My Info" top tab
    • Select the "Current Schedule" tab on the left side of the screen
    • At this point your schedule should appear - if it appears as a list of courses and you want to see the schedule organized by class period and week, click the "Matrix View" link  


    Important Documents for the 2022-2023 School Year

    A number of important documents for the upcoming school year are linked below. These will also be included at the end of weekly Principal's Updates for ease of reference and can be found on the school website.


    Freshman Orientation

    Grade 9 students will participate in orientation activities on both Wednesday, August 31 (when they are the only students in the building) and on Thursday, September 1 (when they will report to orientation activities in lieu of following their regular class schedules). Over the course of the two days, students will receive tours of the building, rotate through their academic week schedules, receive locker combinations, attend presentations on important topics (i.e. bullying; substance use concerns; career planning), and engage in team-building activities. On Wednesday, all activities will be indoors and students will be issued their school laptops. On Thursday, students will spend a portion of the day engaged in activities outdoors (weather permitting) and this will be the only day that we instruct students NOT to bring their laptops to school. 


    Reminders re: School Routines

    Student Drop-off & Morning Entry

    • Students can begin to enter the building at 7:00am, and must remain in one of the following supervised locations until the homeroom bell rings at 7:25am: the cafeteria, auditorium, library, or assigned classrooms.
    • During this time, students may only enter the building from two locations: the main entrance, and the entrance next to the student cafeteria (in the rear of the building).
    • Staff members will be assigned at all of these locations in the morning to direct and supervise students.
    • When dropping off students at the main entrance or by the cafeteria, please do not park in the fire lanes or in lanes of traffic between parking spaces, and allow students to sit and wait in the vehicle until the bell rings, as this creates traffic concerns in the parking lot and out on the street. If everyone drops students off as soon as they arrive, we can keep traffic moving and avoid back-ups.

    School Start Time & Homeroom

    • Students must report to their homerooms by 7:30am or they will be marked tardy.
    • Students who arrive late may enter the building through the main entrance or the entrance by the cafeteria until homeroom ends at 7:47am. Students arriving after that time must report to the main entrance.
    • Refer to pages 18-20 of the 2022-2023 Student Handbook for detailed information about school rules regarding attendance and tardiness.

    Student Pick-up & Afternoon Dismissal

    • Student dismissal is at 2:04pm for all students.
    • We encourage students to take the bus to reduce the number of cars entering and exiting the parking lot at dismissal time.
    • Please avoid using the front parking lot for student pick-up until after 2:10pm. Cars that arrive early block fire lanes and prevent efficient pick-up of students who have mobility issues. 
    • Between 1:45pm and 2:15pm cars may only enter the rear parking lot through the entrance on Alexander Road. Buses and cars use both lanes of the entrance on Cook street to exit the rear parking lot after student dismissal.


    2022-2023 Bus Routes

    2022-2023 bus routes have been posted but we are in the process of making some updates that will be finalized by Friday of this week. Be sure to check the 2022-2023 Bus Routes information page at the start of next week to confirm the appropriate bus, bus stop, and pick-up time.


    School Photographs

    School photographs are scheduled by grade-level, as follows:

    • Grade 9 photos were taken yesterday and today (grade 9 parents were emailed earlier this month)
    • Grades 10 & 12 = Thursday, September 1, 2022
    • Grade 11 & Make-up Photos (all grades) = Tuesday, September 6, 2022

    All students are expected to take photos for their school-issued IDs, and those photos are also available for families to purchase from SmilePro. SmilePro will be emailing parents/guardians directly regarding photo package options. Please note that students are required to have their school-issued IDs with them when at school and at school-sponsored events, and that school IDs must be swiped when students get breakfast or lunch.


    Student Laptops

    School laptops will be issued to all students during the first few days of school. Students are required to bring their laptops (fully charged) and charging cords to school every day. Students in some shops might be informed by their teachers that laptops are not required every day during shop weeks - this is the only exception. Laptops will be distributed by grade, on the following dates:

    • Freshmen = during Freshman Orientation on Wednesday, August 31
    • Sophomores = during shop (at assigned times) on Thursday, September 1  
    • Juniors = during shop (at assigned times) on Tuesday, September 6  
    • Seniors = during shop (at assigned times) on Thursday, September 1    


    New Members of the Administrative Team

    In addition to our new Superintendent-Director, Mr. Tony McIntosh, two educators have joined the administrative team over the summer. Mr. Kevin Caruso joins us as the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, and Mr. Jim Carlson joins us as the Director of Guidance & Health Services. We will be issuing pictures and biographical information about all of our new hires in the coming weeks, but since Mr. Caruso and Mr. Carlson will likely be in communication with a number of families at the start of the school year, I wanted to make you were aware that they joined our team. You will learn more about them in the coming weeks, and I know they are excited to work with and support our students!



    Jessica Cook




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    • Wednesday, August 31: Freshmen Only
    • Thursday, September 1: All Students (Week 1)
    • Friday, September 2: No School
    • Monday, September 5: Labor Day - No School
    • Thursday, September 22: Parent/Teacher Night 'Meet & Greet' - 6pm - 8pm
    • Friday, September 23: Half-Day - 10:43am Dismissal for Students
    • Friday, September 30: Q1 Mid-Term