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    Freshman Orientation Day - Tuesday, September 3, 2019

    You're about to learn about 12 different and exciting careers out of the 22 Shawsheen offers!
    The 9th-grade exploratory program is part of the admissions process and governed by the SVTHS Admissions Policy approved by the School Committee and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Shawsheen Valley Technical High School admits students and makes available to them its advantages, privileges and course of study, without regard to race, color, gender, religion, gender identity, national origin, sexual identity, sexual orientation, disability or homelessness status.

    What is Exploratory?
    Exploratory is a 24-week process where 9th-grade students have the opportunity to explore 12 different career and technical majors. Students spend one period per week in related class completing safety and learning about all aspects of the industry. Then the second week, students engage in a full week (30hours) in the career and technical shop/lab completing hands-on projects and activities.

    How do students Select the 12 Career and Technical Majors for Exploration?
    The exploratory schedule is based on the students’ rank-ordered choices identified on their application. Students are assigned additional programs to ensure exposure to non-traditional career areas.

    How does the Exploratory Impact Career and Technical Shop Placement?
    Students are graded in both the related coursework (25%) and shop/lab performance (75%) by the instructors. Instructors use a rubric that identifies aptitudes and abilities to perform in the career and technical area. At the end of the explore process, students are ranked by a score for each major. Doing well in all exploratories is important since overall grade average can impact selection.

    How is a student Placed in their Career and Technical Major?
    Students are asked to rank their top three choices three times during the 9th-grade year. This is paired with career planning activities to provide them with an opportunity to explore the different aspects of the careers they are interested in.  At the end of the explore experience students pick their final three choices. Students are then placed by interest and by grade. Over 80% of the students are admitted into their 1st choice and 95% get their 1st or 2nd choice. 

    What if I don’t get a Career and Technical Major I am interested in?
    Students who are not placed in a major they are interested in will be placed on a waitlist for that Career and Technical area. The students may have an opportunity to transfer into that shop throughout the 10th-grade year if an opening arises.

    Have more questions?
    Contact your 9th-grade Guidance Counselor.