• Carpentry

    The Carpenter is the tradesperson who is traditionally on the jobsite from a project's beginning until its completion. Carpenters are expected to work closely with all the other trades as workers come and go during the project. The uniqueness of 'building' is what differentiates a career in the dynamic and diverse field of Carpentry. The Carpentry program is designed to feature both shop and off-campus jobsite learning opportunities. The grade 9 & 10 curriculum ensures that our students learn and master fundamental safety and construction skills so that they will be ready to meet and excel while working on real-world, hands-on jobsites throughout grades 11 & 12. The Shawsheen Tech carpentry student typically participates in the construction of a new home as well as many community and on-campus building and renovation projects.

    Program Highlights

    Careers Pathways

    • Rough Framing
    • Interior & Exterior Finishing
    • Hand & Power Tools
    • Ladders and Scaffolding
    • OSHA10-Hour Safety Credential
    • Blueprint Reading and Estimating
    • Building Permitting & Inspection Process
    • Massachusetts State Building Codes
    • Applied Carpentry Mathematics & Theory
    • Union or Open Shop Apprenticeship
    • Self-employed Carpenter Contractor
    • Job Foreman
    • Construction Manager
    • Architect/Designer
    • Civil Engineer


    • Many graduates are able to obtain advanced placement in apprenticeship programs.
    • Tech Prep articulation agreements exist with several colleges for students to receive credit for coursework completed while at Shawsheen.


    Cabinet Maker
    Civil Engineer
    Civil Engineering Tech
    Construction Trades Trades Person