• Educational Technology and Digital Learning

    The Educational Technology Department supports the operational, educational and technical facets relating to technology throughout the district.  Our goal is to ensure our students become competent in the use of digital tools, understand the impact of their digital footprint and practices the importance of what it means to be a good digital citizen. Ensuring our students are prepared for their future is a key component of what we support through education and access throughout the student's educational career at Shawsheen. In collaboration and support through the school committee, Shawsheen continues to expand the use of digital learning environments in both the academic and technical programs.

    There is unique access to technology resources in many of the career and technical programs.



    Director of Education Technology and Digital Learning Annamaria Schrimpf 978-671-3882
    Data Systems Specialist Scott Ouellette 978-671-3714
    Senior IT Specialist Scott Ialuna 978-671-3651
    Operational Assistant Gail Mulholland 978-671-3652
    Computer Technician Marino Alegria 978-667-2111
    Computer Technician Keith Murphy 978-667-2111
    Instructional Technology Specialist Greg Bendel 978-667-2111
    Instructional Technology Specialist Joanne Wicks 978-671-3620
    Library Media Specialist Katie McGinness 978-671-3621