• School Nurse

    The Nurse’s Office or Health Office is staffed full time by an RN and LPN to provide first aid, health assessment-related to illness and injury, support for students with medical or health needs, guidance related to shop safety, and assistance with adolescent growth and development issues.  Beginning in November, during shop weeks of sophomore year, we conduct state-mandated BMI screenings with brief discussions about nutrition and physical activity. During this time, the RN also conducts the Hearing, Vision, and Postural exams. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Joyce.

    We coordinate an Annual Physical in conjunction with the School Physician from Merrimack Valley Pediatrics, every August for that current year 10,11, 12th-grade Athletes. The physical is free and in accordance with MIAA regulations, physical exams will be required every thirteen months to the day of the previous physical exam. For example, physical dated September 14, 2011, will EXPIRE on October 14, 2012, and the student-athlete becomes ineligible to practice or compete until current physical is provided to the school nurse.

    Annual Sports Physicals Day - August 15th 2019
    Massachusetts School Health Record Form
    Winter Season Tips

    Medications/Field Trips and Student Participation
    Please reference the student handbook for requirements and regulations for student participation in different school activities and events. All required forms must be up to date and on file for medications and activity participation. Please call the office if you have any questions.

    Illnesses/Extended Absences Due to Medical Needs
    The student handbook provides details regarding school attendance policy. In general, medical documentation is required for absences associated with illness or other medical conditions. Please contact your student’s guidance counselor if you need assistance.
    Students should not return to school after an illness until they are fever free for at least 24 hours. If a student is on antibiotics, they may return if approved by a doctor 24 hours after the start of the antibiotic.  Physicals conducted by student’s personal MD should be submitted to the Nurse’s Office for inclusion in student’s health record.

    Parents and Guardians, please use the following forms if you need to have medications dispensed to your son/daughter during the school day. Both the parent authorization AND the medical order form need to be submitted to the Nurse’s Office. If you have questions, please call the nurses office at 978-671-3625.

    Parent/Guardian Authorization for Prescription Medication Administration

    • Medication Order Form (this form must be filled out by the prescribing medical professional and submitted along with the Parent/Guardian Authorization form)

    • Copy of Mass. School Health Record-physical

    • Confidential form. Please use these forms for Medication Administration during school hours: CLICK HERE

    Maggie Joyce
    School Nurse 
    School Nurse Asst LPN
     School Nurse Asst 978-671-3625