• Shawsheen Valley Technical High School

    Reminder: Meet & Greet Parent/Guardian-Teacher Night is Tonight

    Thursday, September 22, 2022


    Dear Shawsheen Parents/Legal Guardians,


    We look forward to seeing you this evening at our first ever 'Meet & Greet' Parent/Guardian-Teacher Night! Please view the full schedule at the following link:  Meet and Greet Parent/Guardian-Teacher Night Schedule - September 22, 2022. 



    • The schedule will begin promptly at 6pm, and everyone will need to be in their assigned locations by that time. Aim to report to your first assigned location at 5:45pm to ensure you are able to participate in the full schedule. Where you begin will be based on the grade-level of your student:
      • Grade 9 = Cafeteria for Freshman Parent/Guardian Orientation
      • Grade 10 = Your student's 1st period class (Follow your child's Week 2 Thursday schedule)
      • Grade 11 = Your student's shop
      • Grade 12 = Your student's 1st period class (Follow your child's Week 2 Thursday schedule)  


    • Bring a printed copy of your student's schedule (or have it handy on your phone) so you know which rooms to report to during the schedule rotation
      • Report to the library (as early as 5:30pm) if you need help accessing your child's schedule


    • This is NOT an evening for one-on-one conferences with teachers, and everyone will need to follow the schedule for the evening to ensure it runs smoothly. One-on-one conferences will be scheduled during the November 17, 2022 Parent/Guardian-Teacher Night, and you can connect with teachers by email or phone to schedule a time to speak/meet sooner if needed.


    • You can visit the Hope's Room Trailer in the student parking lot anytime between 5:30pm - 7:30pm to learn more about possible signs of substance use that may go unnoticed in daily life.  


    • The Title I Parent Meeting will take place at 5pm in the auditorium.


    • We will have interpreters available for parents/legal guardians who need them. Please email Heather Tate if you would like to utilize those services.


    • This is our first time hosting an event that provides parents/guardians the opportunity to follow student schedules. Despite our best planning efforts, we recognize that logistical challenges may still occur (such as traffic jams in certain hallways), and welcome any feedback you have after participating to help inform adjustments to this evening moving forward.


    • Student Representatives from the Student Council, SkillsUSA and the National Honor Society will be stationed in all hallways to help parents/guardians find classrooms/shops throughout the evening.


    See you soon!



    Jessica Cook