Alumni Hall of Fame

  • The last Shawsheen Athletic Hall of Fame Induction was held on Saturday November 8th 2014.

    The Shawsheen Alumni Hall of Fame Committee held its last induction on Sunday November 4th at the Tewksbury Country Club.

    Click here to find out more about the new Hall of Fame Class of 2012.


    • Nominees MUST have attended Shawsheen Tech
    • Nominees MUST have been graduated for a minimum of 10 years
    • A Nominee must be of good character and reputation.
    • Nominee may be living or deceased

    Criteria (one or more of the following):

    1. Service to Community - Donations made through good works and/or charitable contributions
    2. Distinguished Service to Country
    3. Athletic Achievement - The nominee's accomplishments as a SVTHS athlete as determined by athletic
      prowess combined with sportsmanship, statistical records or the number of and
      stature of awards received. Distinctive or unique accomplishments which attracted attention or acclaim to the nominee or Shawsheen Tech.
    4. Continued to work, coach and participate in recreational activities.
    5. Contributions to Shawsheen Valley Technical High School and Alumni Association Support or sponsor Alumni Association
      Scholarships, Offering Co-ops for students,Member of Advisory Committee.
    6. Professional Achievements and success in trade, business, or industry

    Faculty Nominations:

    In the event that a teacher, administrator, or other support staff is nominated, and is a non-alum, a Honorary award will be presented to the inductee.  Please use the following criteria:

    • A nominee may be a retired or present staff member, living or deceased.
    • Has demonstrated character and acted as a positive role model.
    • Has positively impacted students.
    • Has distinguished himself/herself by outstanding achievements and contributions to the Shawsheen Community.
    • In the event that a coach is nominated, nominate using the following criteria:
    • A coach may be presently coaching or retired, living or deceased.
    • Has distinguished himself/herself by demonstrating exceptional leadership, character, sportsmanship, and athletic achievement.
    • Has coached the same sport for more than five full seasons and has maintained a positive image with the Shawsheen Community.