Directions to Shawsheen Tech

  • Shawsheen Valley Technical High School
    100 Cook Street, Billerica MA 01821

    Billerica is in the northern part of the state, between Boston and Lowell.  Cook Street runs north from Route 3A in the eastern side of the town.  Contiguous towns are Chelmsford, Carlisle, Tewksbury, Bedford, Burlington and Wilmington.

    If you are coming from Boston or the Northeast:
    Interstate 93 past Route 128 to Exit 38 (Route 129 West, Wilmington)
    In Wilmington, Route 129 merges with Route 38.
    Pass the Wilmington Plaza (on your right) and Staples (on your left)
    At the lights where Route 129 and Route 38 split, turn left to stay on Route 129
    After approximately 2 miles, look for the intersection at the set of lights.  (The landmarks are Gregg’s Roast Beef and the Shawsheen Elementary School on your left.)  Turn left at the lights onto Hopkins Street which becomes Alexander Road when you cross the town line into Billerica. 
    Continue for approximately 1½ mile.  Look for Shawsheen Tech on your right (Cook Street).

    If you are coming from the Southeast:
    Route 128 to Exit 33B, Route 3A North in Burlington
    After crossing the town line into Billerica, you’ll reach an intersection at a set of lights.  (Landmarks are St. Mary’s Catholic Church and the 3-story brick Pinehurst Office Bldg. including Burlington Medical Associates on your right.)
    Turn right at the lights onto Cook Street.  Continue approximately 1½  mile.  (You’ll pass the Ditson Elementary School on the right.)  Look for Shawsheen Tech on the left side of the road. 
    Ample parking is in the back of the school.  Entrances to parking lot are between the school and the tennis courts or off the back right hand corner of the school.

    If you are coming from the West:
    Interstate 495 to Exit 35 South, Interstate 3
    In Billerica, take Exit 27, Concord Road, north toward Billerica Center
    At the intersection with Route 3A, turn right. 
    (This leads away from the Billerica Shopping Mall; heading towards Burlington)