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    Programming & Web Development

    The Internet is changing life as we know it – bringing new economic and social opportunities to communities throughout the world, and increasing the global demand for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills. Innovations such as social networking, cloud computing, e-commerce, web conferencing, and desktop virtualiza­tion are changing the way we live, work, play, and learn. These capabilities are all powered by networks, and orga­nizations around the world are experiencing a shortage of qualified ICT candidates to design, install, and manage these networks.

    Shawsheen’s students who complete the CSIT program are equipped with skills that can be used to adapt and meet the challenging workplace needs of the global shortage of experienced qualified Information and Computer Technology candidates.

    Program Highlights

    Careers Pathways

    • Installation, Repair & Troubleshooting of Personal Computer Systems
    • Microsoft, Apple & Linux OS 
    • Networking design & installation 
    • Troubleshooting of LAN, WAN, WLAN networks
    • Intro to IOS and Android
    • Implementation of Security practices 
    • Intro to Programming using JavaScript, Visual Basic, C#, Python, Jave, C++
    • Mobile Application Development 
    • App Developer
    • Basic Website design using HTML, PHP, CSS programming
    • Virtualization & Cloud technology
    • Web 2.0 services introduced
    • OSHA 10-Hour Safety Credential
    • Intro to Video Game Development using Unity3D and UnReal
    • Computer Support Specialist
    • Network or Computer Systems Administrator
    • Network and Computer Security specialist
    • Help Desk Technicians
    • Computer Systems Analyst
    • Database Administrator
    • Information Security Analyst
    • Computer Forensic Specialist
    • Web Developers
    • Computer Programmers
    • Video Game Designers




    Additional Information

    Students are prepared for CompTia’s A+ & Microsoft Technology Associate certifications among others.  Our students experience hands-on labs in class and Microsoft and CISCO online-based curriculum. Students who complete the CSIT program are college and career ready.