Physical Education Department

  • Department Chair Amie Milkowski 

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    The goal of the Physical Education and Wellness Program is to nurture and support the physical, mental, emotional and social health of each Shawsheen student.  All Shawsheen Valley Technical High School students are required to take Physical Education and Wellness during their freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years.  Four years of successful completion of Health/Physical Education are required for graduation.

    Shawsheen’s aquatic center, gymnasium, athletic fields and state-of-the-art Fitness Center provide students with a variety of opportunities to maintain and develop their individual physical fitness.  Physical activities are combined with classroom instruction to teach the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to live a healthy life.  Throughout the Health/Physical Education Program, teachers help students develop and exercise a sense of personal responsibility.  Each student is expected to monitor and assess his or her health habits and fitness levels regularly.