• Metal Fabrication

    From designing and building HVAC systems to crafting decorative metal work, sheet metal and welding professionals practice a trade with endless opportunities. While sheet metal and welding professionals design, craft and install a wide variety of products - from aircraft and train components to architectural sheet metal work - the most common projects are heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.


    Program Highlights

    Careers Pathways

    The Shawsheen Valley Technical High School Metal Fabrication Program trains students in the welding, sheet metal, and metal fabrication areas. The shop features state-of-the art equipment and replicates an industrial environment.

    Entry Level Opportunities:

    • Welder
    • Metal Fabricator
    • Sheet metal worker
    • Steelworker

    With Experience or Advanced Training:

    • Pipefitter
    • Certified Welder
    • HVAC Specialist
    • Welding Engineer
    • Foreman/Supervisor
    • Metallurgist
    • Shop Owner
    • Project manager
    • Architectural metal work


    The Metal Fabrication program teaches a wide range of applications, including forming items from sheet metal, installing ductwork, and learning the basics of welding, using a variety of equipment and methods:

    Safety procedures

    • Reading blueprints
    • Metal Fabrication & Sheetmetal layout
    • Cutting, bending, punching, and drilling
    • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
    • Plasma arc cutting
    • Oxyacetylene welding & cutting
    • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
    • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
    • Job estimating
    • Carbon Arc Cutting
    • Architectural and historic restoration metal work


    Students have the opportunity for voluntary accreditation through two recognized programs. The American Welding Society offers Welder certification through its “Schools Excelling through National Standards Education” (SENSE) program and state licensure for sheet metal workers.


    Students who qualify for co-op jobs are placed according to their ability and their desire to work in that specific area and thus gain valuable on-the-job experience in local welding and sheet metal shops.