• Metal Fabrication & Joining Technologies

    A lucrative and varied trade, Metal Fabrication & Joining Technologies provides students with real-world experience in addition to the ability to graduate with certifications sought by employers.  A wide range of skills surrounding welding and sheet metal are presented.  Students learn basic and advanced layout techniques such as parallel line development, radial line development and triangulation through their hands-on projects and activities.  Basic and advanced joint design, material and alloy selection, and machine maintenance are also presented.  Various projects are incorporated into the program.   


    Program Highlights

    Careers Pathways

    Cutting, Bending, Punching and Brazing
    Gas Welding
    Plasma Arc Cutting
    Oxyacetylene and Arc Welding
    Measuring and Fitting of Sheet Metal
    SENSE Certification: Welder
    OSHA 10-Hour Safety Credential
    Blueprint Reading and Estimating
    Applied Metal Fabrication Mathematics
    Science and Theory
    Shop hours towards Sheet Metal Licensure

    Apprentice Welder - Union/Open Shop
    Certified Welder
    Sheet Metal Technician
    Structural Sheet Worker
    HVAC Specialist
    Welding Engineer
    Manufacturing; Automotive, Aircraft and Marine Equipment
    Construction:  Residential and Commercial
    Metal Fabrication Sales - Materials/Supplies




    Upon graduation there are several apprentice programs available in various areas of the trade.  Articulation agreements exist with several colleges for students to receive credit for coursework done while at Shawsheen.