• Business Technology

     The ‘business world’ is a dynamic, wide-ranging and competitive place that offers an opportunity for those prepared to take it.  The Business Technology program provides the skills, background and certification necessary to succeed.  Beginning with an introduction to marketing, accounting, and Microsoft Office computer applications, students develop and perfect business communication skills including writing, editing, and overall computer operations.  While continuing to develop and expand their Microsoft Office skills, students study advanced accounting and management, marketing, and operation of the School Store.  Legal issues are also introduced and students develop knowledge in personal finance and practice time management, organizational skills, and goal setting.


    Program Highlights

    Careers Pathways

    • Microsoft Office Computing Skill Training
    • Word Processing, Spreadsheet,
    • Database and Presentation Programs
    • Accounting Program
    • Current Business Practices
    • Office Skills
    • Business Management
    • Business Law
    • Communication Skills/Business Etiquette
    • Marketing
    • Computer Literacy
    • OSHA 10-Hour Safety Credential
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Office Manager
    • Banking
    • Bookkeeper
    • Payroll Clerk/Supervisor
    • Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations
    • Manager
    • Retail Sales Worker/Store Manager
    • Legal Secretary/Executive Assistant


    Additional Information:

    • Certification opportunities include:  Microsoft Office Specialist – a valuable credential recognized worldwide in the business field.
    • Tech Prep articulation agreements exist with several colleges for students to receive credit for coursework completed while at Shawsheen.